Example workflow used with the SeqScreener Gene Edit Confirmation App

From experiment set up to result
Set up experiments on Thermo Fisher™ Connect
Set up experiments on your capillary electrophoresis (CE) Sanger sequencing instrument

Use the Plate Manager software available through Thermo Fisher™ Connect or set up experiments directly on your CE instrument. Refer to the software Help or the instrument User Guide for guidance.

Run samples on a CE Sanger sequencing instrument

For instructions on running samples on a CE instrument, refer to the user guide specific to your instrument.

Set up your project and import files for analysis in SeqScreener Gene Edit Confirmation App (see Start a new project)

Use the Setup tab to start a new project, upload sample and control files, enter sample information, and launch an analysis.

View the summary of results (see View results summary)
View detailed results (see View detailed results for a project)

View the summary of editing efficiency results in the Results tab and use the interactive visualization tools in the Details tab to evaluate the editing efficiency quality for each sample in a project.

Export results (see Export results)

Export raw results, analysis summary PDF report, or presentation-ready images and printable graphics to share your results.