Software overview

The SeqScreener Gene Edit Confirmation App (SGC) user interface provides an easy-to-follow workflow to facilitate the analysis of gene editing results.

  1. Set up your project and import files for analysis

  2. View gene editing results for all edited sample files included in an analysis

  3. View in-depth details for a specific result

When you first access the SGC app, you are directed to the Setup tab, where you can start a new project. Project setup includes uploading at least 1 control file and 1 sample file, then providing information that is required for analysis, such as gRNA target sequence and donor sequence. For detailed instructions on how to set up your project, see Start a new project.

After you create your project and run the analysis, the software populates the results in the Results tab and the Details tab. The Results tab summarizes the editing efficiency results for all edited sample files included in an analysis. The Details tab provides an interactive platform for viewing detailed results for each sample, including visualization tools such as plate view results overview, Indel Frequency Chart, Donor to Control Alignment, and Sequecing Traces.